Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Civic Pride In My Gut

Gotta love a hometown food write-up in the New York Times. There are some terrific places to eat in the Twin Towns! For our size, I like to think we are on par with the big boys, like San Fran and NYC itself. Go Minneapolis! Just a few weeks ago Salon ran a piece on Hell's Kitchen. They have some damn good food. Amazingly, I haven't tried any of these joints mentioned in the Times article. I have some work to do!

The last place I tried was The Craftsman - I had a brilliant appetizer - pork rillettes with crostini. Oh my god does that sound good right now. They also great selection of local brews. However, if you go, I recommend that you skip the chorizo pizza: though the sausage was suitably dry and spicy, the pie had too much potato for my palette.

Dammat, now I'm hungry again...

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