Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nine to Five World of Pain

I got re-org'd today. I've got a new boss and a new organization to deal with. My company, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that the fellas that I work with and I are better suited reporting to someone else under a different management chain. We'll have more focus and add more value... blah blah blah. I stopped listening at "you'll be reporting to so-and-so."

I moved to my current position in November specifically because I wanted to choose who I worked for, not be placed under some arbitrary person based upon some detached third person's assessment of my strategic value. I want someone to say to me, "I want you on my team," and for me to say to that person, "yes, I want to be on your team," and I want that to stick for more than four months! Is that expecting too much?

Apparently. So I guess I have to disabuse myself of the notion that I have any control over my career in that sense. As long as I'm in the corporate world, I'll be playing by their rules. I think it's time for a special cup...


ladieslovetk said...

Dude. You got nailed in a drive-by re-org? I'll tip my forty for you homes.

Knight of Nothing said...

Ya, outlook bleak! Screw work, man. Let's make a sequel to Kung Fu Christmas: the Claws of Santa. You can reprise your role as Li Tree Claus. Wouldn't that be rad..?