Friday, February 16, 2007

News of the Weird

I watch the Today Show on NBC while drinking my morning coffee and pulling on my clothes. Now, I'm not one to put a lot of faith in the quality of television news. But I get the headlines and the weather while attending to my essential morning duties. These magazine shows are sort of like eating a doughnut in the morning. You know you probably shouldn't, but that big, soft, fluffy pastry is just so tempting and delicious... Wait a minute. It's nothing like a doughnut. Scratch that.

Anyway, this morning's show was beyond belief. In one whirlwind sequence, I was treated to a dad who picked up and threw his son's wrestling opponent, the sordid struggle for Anna Nicole's corpse, a girl who's had the hiccups for three weeks, and an interview with a family who was stuck in winter traffic.

What was that about Nero fiddling while Rome burns?

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