Monday, February 24, 2014


So Princess Buttercup married Humperdinck after all, and the Prince decided not to kill his Bride. Instead, Florin's newly-anointed power couple have conspired together in order to take the crown of Florin for themselves, and to consolidate power over Guilder. All that while having depraved three-way trysts with Count Rugen.

The Prince & Buttercup are not without problems, however: the Albino's body lays undiscovered in the fire swamp, having been clubbed by a bar wench for being too creepy. Who knows what the ROUS will do with the corpse. And Vizzini, with his wealth and acumen, has sided with the king and strives against them. Ultimately, though, Vizzini realizes that he cannot match Humperdinck's maneuvering. In a desperate gambit, he switches allegiance to Humperdinck. And the king, found to have visited Miracle Max one too many times, must step down.

Meanwhile, Westley still longs for true love, but his turn as the Dread Pirate Roberts has corrupted his soul, and he lives only as a mercenary to the highest bidder. Poor Inigo Montoya is gone, having been discovered dead under mysterious circumstances following a relapse into alcoholism. Did Humperdinck and Buttercup have him killed?

It looks like only Fezzik can save the day, but he has been curiously missing thus far. 

Oh, haven't you seen House of Cards?

(My mid-season review is here). 


The Ketys said...

Love this, Sam - We just finished House of Cards last night and it was mind blowing!

Knight of Nothing said...

Thanks, Laura! Truth be told, I enjoyed imagining the story set in the world of Princess Bride more than the second season of House of Cards. But it is an entertaining show, as long as you're not too invested in political realism - or realism in general ;-)