Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Measure of a Man

A common thread in conservative and right-wing thought is how unfair it is that non-productive members of society - the uninsured, the unemployed, the poor, the immigrants, etc - are taking advantage of the rest of us; that these "freeloaders" are bleeding "good" Americans dry. Setting aside the question of whether these groups are truly unproductive, my response to this thread is a simple question:

Are we best judged by how we treat the strong, the beautiful, and the wealthy? Or is our character better measured by how we treat the weak, the infirm, the vulnerable, and the helpless?

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Lacifer said...

Great post. I just wanted you to know that whenever I see the title in my RSS feed, it runs through my mind to the tune of "Muppet or a Man" :)