Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get Over Yourself

Hey, Mitt - no one is asking you to "apologize for being successful." What I think people are saying is that a person's worth is not measured by who he knows or what kind of car he drives. Your tin-eared comments and casual name-dropping make it sound as if your riches are what define you and your life. Criticizing you by pointing this out is not a demand for an apology. It's an expression of pity.


J G-W said...


The process doesn't really favor candidates who are real, does it?

Maybe the founders were right after all, in their intention to shield the choice of the chief executive from popular whim by establishing an electoral college.

Maybe it would make sense for us to elect people we trust, who have one job and one job only: to wisely choose a president.

Because right now, presidents are chosen using the same methodology that we use to decide which brand of detergent we're going to buy, and it really, really sucks.

Knight of Nothing said...

Agreed - though one might say that the methodology is closer to choosing a sports team than a detergent: it's much more about who looks like a winner, who your parents liked, and where you live than any conscious, logical deliberation.

What is also apparent is that the rhetoric has become so wildly inflated and escalated that it is difficult to listen to.