Monday, January 25, 2010

(My Dreams Have Been) Killed By An Amazon

I thought the point of online retailers is to nurture and exploit one's desire for mindless consumerism! But I've been crushed.

You see, I have been keeping track of a wish list on for a while. I went to daydream upon it at the end of my day, only to find that one of the items on my list has been labeled "item no longer available." I'm pretty sure I don't want "item no longer available." I'm pretty sure I want items, lots of them. That's why I'm keeping a damn list!

Fack. I don't even remember what the item was.


J G-W said...


Wow, American consumerism has scored its ultimate victory. Not only does it successfully sell us what we don't need, but now its made you long for what you can't even remember.

Knight of Nothing said...

:-D I know! It's bad.