Friday, January 23, 2009

The Man-Machine

I might possibly be getting stranger. Or perhaps I have adult onset OCD. I noticed today with some embarrassment that I always sit on the east side of the bus. When I am going north to work, I seat myself on the passenger's side of the bus. When I am southbound and returning home, I seat myself on the driver's side of the bus. This is compulsive, unconscious behavior that I am at a loss to explain. Why do I it? How long have I been doing it? Why did I notice it this morning? Weird.


Stephen Kuenzli said...

Maybe you're trying to maximize your exposure to the Sun subconciously. If you think that's OCD, consider that I actually try to account for the Sun when picking seats on flights and I always try to work east of wherever I live so that I do not have the Sun in my eyes when I am driving to/from work.

Knight of Nothing said...

I wondered about an explanation along those lines as well. But if that was the case, wouldn't I want to sit on the *west* side of the bus on the way home? And to avoid sun in your eyes during your commute, wouldn't you want to work *west* of where you live (drive west in the morning, drive east in the evening)?

You may be a little weird too :-)

By the way, I actually considered sitting down on the other side of the bus this afternoon to break the habit, but just looking at the other side made me uncomfortable. That side of the bus (which had been fine in the morning) was all wrong for the ride home. Clearly.