Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Centerfold and Actress Clash Over Vaccinations

Playboy bunny Jenny McCarthy and actress Amanda Peet are having a media spat over whether vaccinating children is good public policy. Now, call me fucking crazy, but I would prefer that SCIENTISTS and DOCTORS debate the merits of childhood vaccinations and their impact upon public health on the news, rather than a couple of b-list celebrities. Is that too much to ask?


GeistX said...

Scientists??? Thought those became extinct in 2001 when the Bush Administration decided science was too nerdy and had them all rounded up and sent to an island somewhere.

Now, Jenny McCarthy and Amanda Peet should decide this issue via a good old fashion mud-wrestling match, or via foxy boxing.

But seriously, America doesn't have the attention span for real, serious debates on actual issues.

P.S. Bacon is a gateway meat.

drivenwide said...

"While it's emotionally terrifying to hold my 3-month-old daughter and watch someone come in with a needle, my believe is that the scientific data should trump those emotions I have," Peet tells reporters.
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