Monday, July 28, 2008

The Spirit Is Willing But The Flesh Is Weak

My life will never be the same. I just discovered that downstairs in the cafeteria here at work, there stands a refrigerated vending machine stocked with frozen dairy treats. How can I resist the temptation of an M&M ice cream sandwich? Or a classic drumstick? And there are other choices too! I think the folks over at Aramak must be mocking me.

No! I must be strong. I need to watch what I eat and take better care of myself. I refuse to cave in to their demands that I buy and consume their delicious sundries. But still the treats sit silently in their frozen case, waiting... waiting... waiting.

Anyone got a quarter?


GeistX said...

Good! Goooooood! I can feel the craving flooow throoooughhhh you! Take this drumstick and scarf it down, only then will your journey to the yummy side be complete!

lacifer said...

Here's two quarters. Get me a creamsicle, would ya?

Knight of Nothing said...