Thursday, May 22, 2008

As If We Need Something Else To Make Air Travel Suck Even Harder

American Airlines is going to start charging for all checked baggage. Industry experts predict that all of the other major carriers will implement similar changes. Ugh. People already tend to carry on far too much shit, which slows security lines, boarding, and deplaning, and generally makes what is always an uncomfortable ride even more painful. This change will exacerbate all of these problems as people clamor to avoid checking luggage to save the surcharge. Dumbasses.


lacifer said...

Sucky chucky.

mizverde said...

Sigh...anyone with half a brain would know that if everyone were to carry on the allowed amount (those of you who cram more, you know who you are), it wouldn't %#@^#% fit! Who gets screwed? The guy who bought the cheap tickets. Effing great. I say charge the people who try to pass off an additional suitcase as a 'personal item.'

Anonymous said...

now United and a few other airlines are following suit. Just found out we get to pay $25 for a check bag when coming to see you! Maybe I will just send our luggage FedEx the day we leave! It will get there in the same amount of time, with a lesser chance of being lost! can wait to see you!!

Cousin Tiff

J G-W said...

This is just the beginning. Fuel prices will gradually make long distance travel more and more costly, until it becomes a luxury only available to the super wealthy.

It wasn't too many generations ago when moving to the opposite end of the country meant you likely weren't going to see your family and friends again. Perhaps we will have to come to accept that reality again in our life times.