Friday, February 1, 2008

That's a Lot of Effing Tater-Tot Hot Dish

I read today that Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire - an elite high school - spends $63,500 per student per year housing and educating their pupils. That's almost two times what they charge for tuition. They make up the difference by being one of the most well-endowed preparatory schools in the U.S. Talk about penis envy!

Exeter spends eight times what an average public school kid is alloted. According to the principal, in 1980, about 40% of American families could afford such a school. By 2004 that number had dwindled to 6%. So as the income gap between the rich and poor grows, it in turn widens the education gap, which doubtless perpetuates and exacerbates the already large gulf between the wealthy and the shrinking middle class.

I wonder if they teach creationism in that school?


mizverde said...

Hot dish? Hmmm...must be a midwesternism ;-)

GeistX said...

Mmm...tater-tot hot dish, a food from the gods, sent down upon a gold platter by Zeus himself. When done well tis truly a dish of outstanding taste and texture, when done poorly...I try not to think about it.

Knight of Nothing said...

Back in grade school, tater-tot hot dish was in the top 3 meals in the hot lunch program. Man I'd love to go through the lunch line and get me a big ol' helping.

For you provincial West coast rubes, "hot dish" is equivalent to "casserole."

mizverde said...

To the midwestern arse, bite me ;-)