Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Holy Shit

This is a fucking mind fuck. Morgan Spurlock was already on my list of badasses for his brilliant Supersize Me and his innovative 30 Days, but the thought that he may have actually found Osama bin Laden in the course of making his latest documentary is astonishing. I cannot wait to see it.


J G-W said...

Did he actually tell anyone where he is? Or is he saving it for the movie release?

Knight of Nothing said...

Everyone is being coy. Realistically, it's pretty unlikely that he actually found bin Laden, but it is still interesting to speculate what he did with the film.

Here are the facts, which are at times willfully obscure:

1. The distributor bought the rights to the film after seeing only 15 minutes of footage.

2. Everyone involved in the film had to sign very strict non-disclosure agreements.

3. The Director of Photography has said that Morgan "definitely got the Holy Grail."

4. Spurlock himself has said only, "until there is something to see, why talk about it?"

Fuel for the fire...