Friday, October 5, 2007


So last night I went out with some co-workers for dinner. Affable folks, I have no quarrel with them. Afterward I walked down to another bar to meet some of the lads, as is my wont on Thursday evenings. We had a grand old time, carrying on like fools. Ahh, my people! Love them. Sadly, I had some things to finish at work, and I wanted to get home at a reasonable hour, so we parted company around 9:45 or so.

So I hoofed it back to the office and got my shizot squared. At that point it was like 11:30 or so. I walked over to the bus stop, kind of cursing myself that I didn't stop at the cash machine so I could take a cab home. I was standing on the corner reading City Pages.

After a while, a car stops at the light and some guys start trying to talk to me. "Hi there..." and so on. I ignore them. They keep talking at me. Wait a minute, they are fucking cat-calling me! I finally look up and the one nearest to me says "nice package." WTF? I say, "Sorry, not interested." Then the light turned green and they drove away.

The end.


J G-W said...

Were you flattered? Or were they not your type?

mizverde said...

A typical night in the life, eh?