Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shutterbug - Africa, Part II

I've probably sent my safari pictures to everyone I know, plus all of their friends, relatives, hairdressers, post officers, and dog groomers. But if I somehow missed you, and you are interested, have a look.

While in Africa I became completely obsessed with taking wildlife and nature pictures. It was so much fun! In retrospect I was probably pretty goddamn obnoxious. Oh well. That's what a passion can churn up.


J G-W said...

Sam, you really did get some incredible photos. When we were looking at them together last Sunday, it didn't fully sink in what was involved just in taking those photos.

Göran, as you well know, tends to go through life as if his camera is an extension of his face. I, on the other hand, am generally the kind of guy who, when I find myself in situations like the ones you found yourself in in Africa, prefers to be totally in the moment and not let myself get distracted with a camera. But I realize now what a gift it was to the rest of us who may or may not ever have a similar opportunity, that you went to the trouble to capture as much of your experience as possible in pixels.

Thank you!

Knight of Nothing said...

You're very welcome! And thanks for your compliments, John. I made a conscious decision to document the safari with a lot of photos, something I don't always do. In general I lean more your way. I tried to strike a balance between getting the shot and being in the moment.