Saturday, August 25, 2007

Scientists Discover Nothing!

Some University of Minnesota astronomers have found the largest expanse of nothing in the known universe. Knight of Nothing's patron patch of the sky, at last! This apparently empty space measures a billion light years across, more than 1000 times bigger than scientists would expect a void in the universe to be. That's a whole lot of nothing to contemplate. Who says you can't get something out of nothing?


J G-W said...

Is that where Captain Kirk and crew went in Star Trek V?

Knight of Nothing said...

Uhuru's pantyhose?

Knight of Nothing said...

Ok, that was my inappropriate answer. Here is my nerd answer: my good man, the center of our galaxy, to which the intrepid crew of the Enterprise travels in ST V, is a mere 3000 light years wide. The whole of the Milky Way Galaxy is a mere 100,000 light years across. This black spot in space is 10,000 times bigger than our entire galaxy.