Sunday, July 1, 2007

One Hundred

I started this blog at the beginning of the year, and here I am six months later, still at it. Not to sound too pleased with myself, but I'm hitting a minor milestone with this post: one hundred essays and other bits of nonsense published in this, my humble corner of the web. Not bad! My goal was to put something up every other day or so, and I'll be damned if I haven't been successful at keeping that pace! How bout that?

So now what? I updated a few fonts and colors, for starters. What else can I do to improve this space? Well, I read recently that the best blogs have a specific, targeted focus, continually riffing on a narrowly defined theme. Dammat, that's not me! I have a ridiculously broad set of interests. I guess the only thing I can do is make the writing better. I'd like to see this space get smarter, funnier, more outrageous and more sublime. Suggestions welcome. Your call will be answered in the order in which it was received. See you soon.


J G-W said...

Congrats, Sam! Here's to six-months of living life a bit more thoughtfully!

Thanks for updating your blog to look a little less like mine! :) As you can tell from perusing my web site, I like the minimalist approach to web design. For the blog I played around with different looks, but ended up sticking with the default, since it kind of matches my web site. For the blog I think I still want to eventually switch to an image header with a font and a look that matches

Boring, I know. Of course, if you ever wanted to use your web design skills to give my web site and my blog a face lift, I wouldn't mind!

Knight of Nothing said...

Hey wait a minute, buddy! I was here first! YOUR blog looks like MINE. ;-)

Blogger has a whole set of tags and functions for customizing virtually everything, but I haven't spent the time to learn it yet. One of these days...

J G-W said...

I actually diddled around with it a bit yesterday. I even dinged around with the html code editor they have. If you know enough about html, you can pretty much design your blog to look like whatever you want.

I did manage to get my blog to look a bit more like my web site, which for the time being is good enough for me.

ladieslovetk said...

Write more!!!