Thursday, July 12, 2007

Heckuva Job, Fellas

A U.S. government analysis concludes that al Qaeda is at its strongest since September 2001. Call me crazy, but the whole idea of going to Afghanistan and Iraq was to eradicate al Qaeda and their extremist brethren. Not much progress there.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported last month that the Bush administration's five-year-long attempt to fashion an alternative justice system for terrorism suspects has yet to complete a single trial. I thought we founded this damn country in part to put an end to the nefarious practice of secret tribunals. All that work for nothing. Then again, maybe the Constitution is working in spite of these bastids. At any rate, clearly little success on this front either.

So that's it: we are five years and half a trillion dollars into fighting these wars and fortifying our national security state, and our own government is telling us that the enemy is stronger now that at any time they have been since their deadliest attack. The administration has yet to prove that their illegal means of fighting terrorists are effective. But still they press on, determined to pursue these strategies.

It is hard to imagine how this administration could have gone more wrong than they have. They have clearly failed to achieve their stated goals. Who knows what their goals really are. But even if their goal turned out to be the most cynical quest to establish a fossil fuel hegemon, with no concessions given to human rights or collective security or international diplomacy, even then, one cannot say that their plan is working. In this regard, their failure is singularly spectacular. Heckuva job, fellas!


J G-W said...

Did you see the headline in the Strib yesterday? "Dems vote for Iraq withdrawal; latest Iraq report shows mixed results" or some such hoo haa. When you read further in the article, the "mixed results" in Iraq amount to the following: major sections of the country still don't have basic utilities; thousands of Iraqis dead and dying daily in terrorist attacks; massive lack of confidence in the present government, "we were better off under Saddam," etc. Sounds like unmitigated gloom and doom. So what were the "mixed" results? Bush "thinks" things might be getting better with the "surge," so we should wait and see a little longer.

Ya gotta love these folks. They really don't give a rat's ass, do they?

Knight of Nothing said...

I didn't see that, but damn if it doesn't encapsulate much of what that's wrong right now: callous policymakers tell gigantic lies that are indifferently reported by a lazy and/or cowed media.

If they had any guts, the headline would read: "President Denies Harsh Realities in Iraq".

J G-W said...

Absolutely craven.

Tagged? said...

Sorry for such a tardy response... I loved this post - pithy, right on the money and just the perfect amount of sarcasm/cynicism (sp?). I did forward this to several like-minded, and more importantly, friends with "other" opinions. Thanks Sam, I miss our chats but this is the next best thing!
Until we swill again...PT

Knight of Nothing said...

Thanks PT! I'm glad you liked it. I consider myself to be pretty educated and level-headed, but thinking about this administration blows my mind and boils my blood! And the machinery of government and the media just keeps chugging along, which gives its workings a creepy sense of normalcy.

Good to see you this week, btw. Glad you made it out for drinks! Talk to you soon.