Monday, May 14, 2007

Somewhere In My Soul There's Always Rock And Roll

The handsome devil over at LLTK "tagged" me, and now I must write out the following assignment: List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

I've actually been trying to think of a topic befitting an inaugural post - I need to christen a new "Stuff and Things" category on music. This seems as apt as any. So here it is! Thanks TK! On to the music...

Teenage Fanclub - In My Mind, Man-Made. The drony, mellow sound of TFC has a hypnotic, dreamy appeal. I was immediately captivated the first time I heard this song two years ago. It still draws me in every time I listen.

The Lanes - No Not Lately, Five Acts to Follow. I totally dig The Lanes! And not just because Mikey is one-fourth of the Strummones. I've been grooving on the Dutch Maniac's sound for more than ten years, and his latest album features his usual witty, smart pop sensibility. I keep coming back for more of this song: a rich tapestry of sounds and thoughts.

R.E.M. - Strange, Document. Never mind that this song is a cover of a cover of a cover. The classic three-chord progression never gets me jumpin much higher than this. Somehow Mike Stipe's whiny vocals seem perfectly suited to this sing-a-long rocker. And since I mentioned the Strummones, maybe we should add this tune to our set as an interlude. I think it could be a crowd-pleaser!

Elmer Bernstein - Main Title And Calvera, The Magnificent Seven Soundtrack. My daughter has been rehearsing this stirring score since January for her school's spring concert. She's got it stuck in my head! Luckily it is a truly great piece. She plays the flute, which accompanies the main melody. But now, after all of that, I find that the night of the concert I'll be out of town! Dammat, I'm so bummed. Her school puts on only two concerts a year, and I am loathe to miss either of them. They are so spirited and engaging. A lot like this title theme.

Robert Gordon - Flying Saucers Rock n Roll, Robert Gordon with Link Wray. I have a secret passion for 50s rockabilly, the real original punk rock. Gordon's 1978 tribute album was an unforgettable introduction to this music at a young age. And while every song on this album kicks complete ass, this song has it all: fast, raw, sexy, and fun as hell!

XTC - Are You Receiving Me? Go 2. I've been rekindling my love affair with this brilliantly quirky band. They always had a wry, cutting edginess. This song defines early 80s new-wave at its best: a lapel-grabbing pop hook coupled with cynically tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

Junior Murvin - Police and Thieves, Police and Thieves. Jimmy Cliff was the first reggae I ever heard. It was at the very tender age of eight. I remember being mildly intrigued, but I didn't really "get" the music until a few years later, when I heard the Clash's recording of this Junior Murvin hit. At first I didn't realize that their version of this seminal track was a cover. But I soon learned that they were standing on the shoulders of a giant. And thirty years after it was put to vinyl, Murvin's original is still as poignant as ever.

That was fun, I'll have to do it again sometime. And now to pass the torch. While I am uncertain as to whether I actually have seven readers, I tag the following unfortunates: Amanda, Rocky, GeistX, DAV, Patty, Basil, and Winter Crow. And if there happen to be other readers out there lurking in cyberspace, feel free to weigh in! I'd tag you too if I knew you were there.


ladieslovetk said...

ohhhh. I forgot all about XTC. Now I have to root through all my old stuff to find it...

Knight of Nothing said...

Cool! I've been meaning to ask you for weeks and weeks if you were in to XTC. I guess I didn't realize this was respectable street! Have you heard Wasp Star from 2000? I played that one for a year straight when I first got it.

GeistX said...

Ack! I've been tagged! To which I must respond.

basil said...

1. superstition live on sesame street by stevie wonder. go to youtube and find this video. the band is tighter live than most bands are on their studio albums. plus the horn section rocks and stevie references cookie monster and jams the song out to almost 7 minutes!!!
2. yeah by usher. what micheal jackson should have done. great beat, you can't help starting to move to the music.
3. dreaming by blondie. underrated hit by this group. great drumming too. leaves a hole in my heart.
4. man in the box by alice in chains. love that heavy guitar plus it should have been the theme song for office space or dilbert.
5. defying gravity on the wicked soundtrack. brings a tear to my eye every time, oops i mean there's a speck of dust. this is the song where elpheba makes her choice, the choice that ends in tragedy. but this choice is couched in independence and self determination and empowerment...truly bittersweet.
6. born of a broken man by rage against the machine. this song haunts me because the guitar melody by morello perfectly underscores the message of the song.
7. mothers of the disappeared by u2. just deeply, deeply moving.

one caveat though. my part of the tag ends here, i've got to go home now.