Monday, May 28, 2007


A couple of months ago I told the tale of my daughter's trampoline. Sadly, the fourth trampoline was extremely short-lived - the damn thing BROKE! It only lasted a month or so. She was bouncing on it and the weld on two of the legs gave way. That could have been tragic! I hate to contemplate what could have happened. Our neighbor, whose back door is near the trampoline, saw the twisted metal and actually did fear the worst for a few hours. Then he saw Daphne walking around the house in a torpor.

I disassembled it a few weeks ago, and we ordered a fifth from the web - a standard spring model, rather than one with those nifty straps. We couldn't find another one like that. Oh well. Long story short, number five up, and my daughter is happy again. And it seems to be working ok so far. The materials and construction seem sturdy, but then again, I thought that about the last one.

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