Thursday, May 31, 2007

Do I Smell Symmetrical?

One of many advantages of insomnia is the fascinating television programs that you come across. This morning I watched transfixed as Sharon Stone explained to me in her sultry voice the Science of Beauty on Discovery HD Theater. Apparently women at the peak of their fertility cycle can pick the hottest guy without even seeing him, simply by smelling his BO. Isn't that awesome?

Here's how it worked: scientists took precise body measurements of men, checking for symmetrical, masculine features. Then they had these men wear t-shirts for two days and asked that they avoid strenuous physical activity, strong-smelling foods, and alcohol. Finally, they presented the t-shirts to ovulating women. They discovered that the women consistently selected as most appealing the scent of the shirts worn by men whose features are most symmetrical. Damn natural selection.

I wish I had a grant to do this kind of research.

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