Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Words I Like

folly byzantine conflagration robust nexus prodigious fine dammat sleek dipshit salacious bastid scion mighty jackass keen master reckon fuck syzygy futile onanist awkward seminal badass macabre feckless zippy snazzy fulcrum impertinent glib force alliteration elder ragged glory earthen thump fist cleave hidebound eviscerate frenzy giant passion clash charisma prime fanciful sensual curvaceous voluptuous...

OK, I'd better cut myself off before I start getting dirty.


GeistX said...

pristine petulance
primordial hominid
vacuous demiurge
monoxidant verisimilitude
antediluvian meme

Knight of Nothing said...

Fart, "vacuous" reminded me that I forgot vapid and fatuous. I'll have to have a part two at some point.