Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nerd Knight

Some men play poker, some go to strip clubs. There are men who hunt and fish, while others go to ball games. Still others just sit in their buddy's garage drinking beer. Me? I play D&D. I get a fair amount of flak for this in some quarters. So be it. A man's gotta have a hobby or two. There are worse things I could be doing.

Besides, Fjolnir rules! The character I'm currently running is a classic dwarven fighter: an immovable cube of force dispensing justice with a cleave of his war axe. Damn he's a badass. And he's such an archetype he practically plays himself. But no matter. It's a simple pleasure to smite evildoers in the game world. My last character was kind of a pansy (in fact, he was literally a type of fairy known as a grig), so it's been fun to play a character who can really lay some wood on the bad guys.

Our gaming group is a tender one. We gather twice a month around six in the evening, and we make a feast for one another. It's so domestic! We're not really a beer and pretzels group of fellas. We eat like kings, keeping a fine table with all manner of victuals and sundries. Then we discuss world events and popular culture, and we settle in to play about eight o'clock.

The night is filled with frequent arguments, digressions, and endless comic relief. And more food. Not to mention plenty of gas. Hey, boys will be boys. The whole experience is a welcome reprieve from the mundane world of thankless work and unwholesome compromise. I'm looking forward to it again this weekend. Get your nerd on!

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GeistX said...

Nerd Nachts are the highlights of my month. I look forward to them and feel sad when I have to miss them. It is good to be among friends, food, and be able to be myself.

My character Falin (11th lvl Ranger) in this campaign is perhaps my most beloved character of all time (along with Xu). A part of my soul is in him. The deformed elf (he was a sole survivor when orcs destroyed his village and killed his family). He views Fjolnir as a most trusted companion, especially in the current crew of motley adventurers. Fjolnir is a trusted friend. Our back to back fighting is starting to become things of legend, which soon we will require a bard to chronicle our tales.