Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Goddamn I'm slow. I hate being this way sometimes. But I can't deny it. Every time I write, whether it be an email, or a design document, or a blog post, it takes me an agonizingly long time to get it done. Not because I'm a slow typist, but because I'm a slow thinker. My thoughts are like molasses. I struggle with and rethink every word I type. Even that last sentence required a lot of effort. It took me two minutes to decide what word I should use before settling on "struggle." And I've reorganized this paragraph twice. So how do other people do it?


GeistX said...

You're not the only one. I have the same problem.

When I'm walking home, on the bus, in the shower, playing video games, basically any time when a pen and paper or something to capture my thoughts with is unavailable I have a million cogent and great ideas. I sit down, open my laptop or pull out some pen and paper and blam! nothing. Or I rattle some stuff off and at the time think, hey this rocks! To only go back later and wonder if it was written by monkeys at a typewriter.

Knight of Nothing said...

I feel you. I have the same condition. I think it's called, "Not A Writer." Oh well. If we keep trying maybe it goes away eventually.