Friday, March 23, 2007

Pain Is Bad

In my nine years of being an office drone, I have never once felt the slightest hint of repetitive stress pain. Day after day, month after month, year after year, I've hammered away at my keyboard and pulled my mouse all over my friggin desk without a care. But in the last month, I've rapidly developed a nagging discomfort in my hands, especially my right. FACK!

The pain runs from the palm of my hand up to my elbow. My palm feels a dull, warm ache, punctuated by tingling pinpricks - the sensation you feel when you whack your funny bone, or sit on your foot for too long. It grows to a throbbing torment in my wrist, then settles into an icy-hot burning sensation at my elbow. It's totally retarded.

I attribute this precipitous decline to my new position at work. Since I moved, I've inherited a smallish desk and a flimsy chair, and my mouse use has increased tenfold, owing to the crappy RAD tool I use at work. Piece of shit. Still more, it probably doesn't help that I've been doing a fair amount of typing on various laptops.

Anyway, on Wednesday of next week, my company is sending out a specialist to evaluate my workstation. She's gonna make it ergonomically dope.


ladieslovetk said...

do you have a footrest? I got a footrest and it sort of helped. You just need a herman miller chair. those things are like sitting on a cloud.

Knight of Nothing said...

I totally need a herman miller chair. I think every fool in San Fran has one of those. I've got this dipshit piece of crap chair.