Sunday, February 4, 2007


I feel fine, more or less. Except my head. My head feels awful: I've got a headache, my throat is dry and sore, my lips are chapped, and my face is filled with some unholy agar. But the worst part of this damnable cold is the itch in my nose that refuses to cooperate. It makes my eyes well up and my face flush and my breathing labored, but I am denied the simple satisfaction of release. Why does this cold mock me so? If you please, oh Lord of Sneeze, how may I appease?

I've watched a total of five movies this weekend: two excellent, two good, and one hardly worth mentioning. I've managed just one review so far, a rather clumsy, rambling affair. But I do recommend that film; I count it among the excellent. Anway, that leaves my backlog of film reviews in this space at five. I'd better get on the stick. But not tonight. Tonight I find comfort in the bottle. At least I hope so.


John Gustav-Wrathall said...

Sorry to hear it, bud.

We didn't have subzero weather down here in Florida, but we did have heavy rain and high winds all day Sunday, which is a bit disappointing when we came down here specifically for surf and sun. We were trapped indoors all day, like the two kids in Cat in the Hat. Our only consolation was that the people attending the Super Bowel had to be more miserable than we were.

Today, the rain let up, and it was warm enough for us to go for a walk along the beach. I swam in the ocean for a couple of hours. The surf was pretty intense. It was just me and the surfer dudes, while Goran took pictures.

Knight of Nothing said...

Thanks for the sympathy John. I'm feeling a little better.

Speaking of better, hope the weather down there improves for the rest of the week.

As always, looking forward to seeing Goran's photos!

John Gustav-Wrathall said...

I know ya'll don't want to here this up there in Minnesota, but today the weather was beautiful and the forecast promises more of the same for the rest of this week! (Hurray!)

We went on a bike ride through the Florida Everglades. Goran took GREAT pictures of alligators (rangers counted about 100 of them along the trail!), turtles, storks, ibis, cranes, egrets, anhingas, a roseate spoonbill (endangered species!), and a purple gallinule, a really pretty (and rare) bird (that I spotted for him!).

Then we went to a garden in Coral Gables where they had Cihuly glass on display. The glass was really beautiful and Goran took a gazillion photos of it. But I'm starting to wonder, is there only one glass artist in the world? Because it seems like every time there's an art glass display somewhere, it's always Dale Cihuly.

The fun in the Everglades was disturbed only by my occasional musing to the effect that unless something serious is done about global warming, I might live to see the day when all the natural beauty we enjoyed today will be under water.