Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Genius of the Criminal Mind

I work at a large bank on anti-money laundering software. Yesterday I came across some brilliant reasons for filing suspicious activity reports on our customers...

"Customer often makes cash deposits into two accounts for $4,500 each. I asked the customer, 'you always make deposits for $4,500, right?' Customer's response was, 'yes, because you'll report everything else.' He added, 'you have no idea how much I make.'"

"Customer has constant inquiries about how to avoid a CTR (currency transaction report)."

"Customer's average account balance is 96 dollars. Made a $27,000 wire transfer to Honduras."

"Customer and her husband make $9,000 cash withdrawals almost everyday."

"Customer regularly comes in with a duffel bag. Bag contains a large number of small bills totaling four to five thousand dollars, customer exchanges them for hundred-dollar bills. Money tends to smell like marijuana."

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