Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Yawning

I watched President Bush deliver the State of the Union Address. I really wanted to write something insightful, fascinating, profound, even jaw-dropping about his speech tonight. I even took notes! Damn, how nerdy is that? I definitely need to put "get a life" on my to-do list.

What always strikes me during State of the Union Addresses is how much they resemble each other. Doesn't matter who is up there, doesn't matter what's going on in the world, it always has a remarkably similar tone: president utters some bullshit, applause. More bullshit, more applause. Sometimes I think I could write one of those speeches myself. "Tonight I am proposing a big surge followed by a happy ending." *Applause*

I suppose I could spend time rebutting his more outrageous statements, such as suggesting that the health care crisis in our country can be fixed by tweaking the tax code, asking the Congress to display "spending discipline," and talking as if it is exciting to propose a balanced budget within the next five years.

Does he think that a few measly tax breaks will insure 8.4 million children? Doesn't he remember that we had a balanced budget six years ago? Does he think it shows discipline to spend $360 billion trying to find non-existent weapons of mass destruction? And does he think Michele Bachmann is a good kisser? Seriously, she was all over him. And what was with Amy Klobuchar's suit? Damn, girl, you're in the U.S. Senate now, not the Wal-mart! And were Jim Webb and Kim Jong Il seperated at birth?!? That hair is uncanny!

But I digress. George Bush is in a bed of his own making: he flatly refused to listen to anyone outside of his own echo chamber, and as a result he has bitterly divided a country that was steadfastly united just five short years ago. Now he cannot make anyone happy: not the conservatives, not the moderates, not the progressives. I have only this to say to you, Mr. President: too fucking bad. Lie in your bed, George. You've put all of us to sleep.


ladieslovetk said...

Dude. I can't believe you dissed on Kim Jong Il.

Knight of Nothing said...

I call it like I see it, holmes! No one gets a free ride, not even Mr Universe himself, KJ-IL. Ain't you ever heard of the "no spin zone"? ;-)